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HP UX 11.23 and Windows 2008 NFS problem

Jeroen Agten
Occasional Visitor

HP UX 11.23 and Windows 2008 NFS problem

We are having a HP-UX 11.23 PACS cluster and we are migrating a PACS archive from an EMC NFS solution to a Microsoft Storage Server 2008 R1 NFS cluster.
Everything seemed to work fine but now i'm facing some strange behaviour with HP-UX 11.23 cluster in combination with Windows 2008 NFS:

The Pacs cluster sees a different number of directories (entries) on the Microsoft NFS share then on the PACS NFS source (old archive).
Take a look at the screenshots:

PACS NFS Archive (source) with 811 directories:

[TWEALM] PACS002 : /isarchive/isfs3/2009/11/27 # ls |wc -l

After the migration we see at the destination PACS NFS Archive 927 directories!

[TWEALM] PACS002 : /isarchive/isfs3tmp/2009/11/27 # ls|wc -l

When we delete one directory at the destination it says 810 directories (so that’s correct):

[TWEALM] PACS002 : /isarchive/isfs3tmp/2009/11/27 # rm -r 2247521*
rm: 2247521 non-existent
[TWEALM] PACS002 : /isarchive/isfs3tmp/2009/11/27 # ls|wc -l

When we copy the directory again it says 811 directories so that’s correct also:

[TWEALM] PACS002 : /isarchive/isfs3tmp/2009/11/27 # ls |wc -l

OK everything seems to work now but to be sure we do an unmount /mount of the NFS share:
The result: we see again 927 directories!

[TWEALM] PACS002 : /home/philips # umount /isarchive/isfs3tmp
[TWEALM] PACS002 : /home/philips # mount /isarchive/isfs3tmp
[TWEALM] PACS002 : /home/philips # cd -
[TWEALM] PACS002 : /isarchive/isfs3tmp/2009/11/27 # ls|wc -l

First we thought that it had something to do with the directory but we see the same behavior with other directories as well.
Have you seen anything like this before and can anyone help us solve this? I also dropped a case at Microsoft support but i have still no answer...

Thank you very much!

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP UX 11.23 and Windows 2008 NFS problem

Is there any pattern in the list of directories that differ? Try comparing the list with diff:

(mount from EMC)
ls > emcls
(mount from Microsoft NFS)
ls > winls
diff -c emcls winls

This should show you the 116 files that differ between the two sides. This should let you discern if it's some Microsoft "adopt and extend" nonsense such as ancillary files to represent Windows attributes for certain files, like the Macintosh has two "forks" for any given file, the "finder fork" and the "data fork."
Jeroen Agten
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP UX 11.23 and Windows 2008 NFS problem

Thank you for the reply mvpel

I did made a list of directories that differ but i cannot find anything different about it.
Can you please explain what i can do with the 116 directories that differ?

I did some tests an ubuntu client and the same NFS share and that went fine. I do see 811 directories and when i look at NTFS i also see 811 directories.
It has to do something with HP UX 11.23 in combination with Microsoft Storage Server 2008 R1.

Still no answer from Microsoft yet....
Can anyone please help?

thanks in advance,
kind regards,