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IPV4 to IPV6 migration

Respected Contributor

IPV4 to IPV6 migration

Hi guys ,


we have 4 clusters in our setup hpux 11iv2 , we are using SG 11.17 in two & 11.18 in other 2 .

My question is inorder to migrate our N/ w to ipv6 , there will be cluster changes right ??


Can it be done online ?

does hpux 11iv2 support ipv6 ?

Any particular steps to follow / check for this migration ?

can they both co-exist ?




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Stephen Doud
Honored Contributor

Re: IPV4 to IPV6 migration


For 11i  IPv6 support info and free software


HP Serviceguard/SGeRAC/Storage Management Suite/Serviceguard Manager Plug-in Compatiblity and Feature Matrix (April 29, 2011)


- A.11.18 provides IPv6 support for data links only

- No support indicated for IPv6 for A.11.17

IPv4 and IPv6 can coexist in Serviceguard versions that support IPv6


Respected Contributor

Re: IPV4 to IPV6 migration

Hi Stephen ,


compatibility is fine , we have 11iv3 in our setup with SG 11.20.

My concern is cluster re-configuration , is it really needed and if yes how do we do it  ?