Re: Installation of future cluster node

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Installation of future cluster node

Hello everyone


I have to install and configure a machine that now will be a single server but it will in the future be a cluster node.
I am wondering if it's easier to create it now as a single node or if it's better to install normally and than configure the cluster when I have the other node available.
Maybe this is not a subject at all but I am affraid I could be missing something because I never had a similar situation.
Does anyone went through a similar situation that would be so kind to advise?

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Bill Hassell
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Re: Installation of future cluster node

Installing Service Guard is trivial - in fact it may already be a part of your operating environment (ie, MCOE or DCOE) so there isn't anything to do now. Configuring SG is very tightly coupled with the other nodes. Most of the work is prior to congfiguring SG, things like failover network strategies, heartbeat connections, shared volume groups and most important, designing the packaging for your applications and databases.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Stephen Doud
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Re: Installation of future cluster node

Though as Bill said, a cluster involves heartbeat networks that won't be necessary in a single-node cluster, building a 1-node cluster and packages has advantages

a) configuring packages that operate your business-critical services eliminates this configuration step when other nodes are brought into the picture.

b) packages automate startup, hence expedite resource and application startup and shutdown when maintenance is necessary