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Linux SG cluster

mohammed ouzaouite
Occasional Visitor

Linux SG cluster

Hello Experts,
I am trying to install a two nodes SG cluster, using rehat as update 4 & EVA4000 and i have two issues:
1) multipathing and disks names persistancy
Am using dual port Qlogiq HBAs, normaly they are handling the multipathing stuff but yet there are 4 paths for each luns;
My question is how to get only one path? and how to keep the same device name even after reboot ( it's important for the lock disk)
2) when I run cmclcheckconf i get this error message:
Checking cluster file: ./clusterNSC.conf
Checking nodes ... Done
Checking existing configuration ... Done
Warning: Unable to get configuration for cluster NSC.
Error: Node nsc-prod1 is refusing Serviceguard communication.
Please make sure that the proper security access is configured on node
nsc-prod1 through either file-based access (pre-A.11.16 version) or role-based
access (version A.11.16 or higher) and/or that the host name lookup
on node nsc-prod1 resolves the IP address correctly.
cmcheckconf : Failed to gather configuration information

This even if I created the cmclnodelist, the /etc/hosts/ and ~/.rhosts.

Thank you in advance for you reply.

Ivan Krastev
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux SG cluster

Try to add IP add of node in /etc/hosts. See JAGaf14041 in this doc -

Another problem can be firewall blocking connections.

mohammed ouzaouite
Occasional Visitor

Re: Linux SG cluster

thank you for your prompt answer.
However I've configured already all the files needed for this stuff: /etc/hosts/ $HOME/.rhosts and $SGCONF/cmclnodelist.
in addition to this there is no firewall configured.
if you can see from the message the communication is refused by the node1 where I am performing the cmcheckconf!
Serviceguard for Linux
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux SG cluster

Here's the list of items I usuually send out in this case:

# You get an error message when doing a cmquerycl, cmapplyconf, or cmcheckconf indicating the Serviceguard cannot communicate with a node.

1. Usually this means that the firewall is set up incorrectly. Try turning off the firewall
2. Also, identd may not have started. "identd" is the service associated with pidentd. Make sure this is set to start automatically.
3. Check that the file cmclnodelist has been created and is set up correctly.
4. After you make all of the changes, reboot both nodes.

I'm guessing #2.