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MC/ServiceGuard and application start/stop scripts

Oleg Zieaev_1
Regular Advisor

Re: MC/ServiceGuard and application start/stop scripts


First: you need su - user -c
(su minus user)
to activate all environment variables.
Just to ensure that I also added . .profile; before proshut. If .profile you can set any env. variables your DB requires.

If you created package files from the template, you have all variables you need for MC/SG. Env variables required by application has to be initalized in your startup/shutdown script.

If you login as proguser, you can issue commands to shutdown your database, right?
So, I do not see any reasons for the line I mentioned earlier to fail to do the job.

WAIT is required, so script will not start umount and vgchage before DB is down.

Hope this helps,
Professionals will prevail ...
David Niska
Occasional Advisor

Re: MC/ServiceGuard and application start/stop scripts

This problem has been fixed! After several days of working with HP on what could possibly be happening, I talked with an engineer that said that I needed to load patch PHSS_26270 in order to remain on a supported version of MCSG. I loaded this patch last night and all of my problems went away. Everything works great now! Thanks for all of your help.