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Minor Number

Eric Jacklin
Regular Advisor

Minor Number


while creating a new vg
#mkdir /dev/vgir0 it is showing minor number is the same.

# ll /dev/*/group
crw-r----- 1 root sys 64 0x000000 Apr 13 2002 /dev/vg00/group
crw------- 1 root sys 64 0x020000 Jun 1 2005 /dev/vg_arch/group
crw-r--r-- 1 root sys 64 0x010000 Aug 19 2006 /dev/vgixar/group
crw-r--r-- 1 root sys 64 0x090000 Aug 19 2006 /dev/vgixswap/group

I have tried all the possiable number but i am not able to create the same would you be able to help me out in this ?

Honored Contributor

Re: Minor Number

post "uname -a" and the exact command and error..similar to screen shot rather than explaining in your own words
Court Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Minor Number

This looks to be a HP-UX box and not a linux box. Your request is a little confusing, but here you go:

# pvcreate /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#j
# mkdir /dev/vgir0
# mknod /dev/vgir0/group c 64 0x030000
# vgcreate /dev/vgir0 /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#j
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