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Mount FIle systems from node-1 onto node-2

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Mount FIle systems from node-1 onto node-2

Hello dear Admins,


We have HP UX service guard cluster on OS 11.23. Recently 40+ LUNs presented to both nodes by SAN team but I was asked to mount them on only one node.  I created required VGs/LVs, created VxFS and mounted all of them and they are working fine. Now client requested those FS on 2nd node as well.


My queries:


1. Is it possible to mount a VxFS on both nodes at the same time? If yes, what do I need to replicate the VG and LV info from node-1 to node-2?
If no, then we may plan to mount them manually onto 2nd node when 1st node goes down. I guess, for this also, I need to replicate all the VG and LV info from node-1 to node-2?


2. How to configure all the Volumes in cluster mode? There's already one SG package running, can we add these new LVs onto it or should I configure NEW Package to include these volumes? If new package then do I need another IP address to it? what are the tasks would I have to do?


I'm no expert so I would greatly appreciate any help with more details.


Many thanks!!



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Re: Mount FIle systems from node-1 onto node-2

Not sure If I'm posting properly as none of my posts attracted any replies.


Dear admin, Please reply, thanks!


Primesh Abeysinghe
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Re: Mount FIle systems from node-1 onto node-2



There According to my knowladge you can not mount VxFs to both nodes  you need to have CFS (Clusted file system)

Since you have created the VxFS


to mount thos partition to the other nodes you have to activate those volume groups in exclusive mode


vgchange -a e /dev/<vgname>

*to do that you need servicegurd cluster daemon running on your system


**make sure NOT to add those LV to fstab

hope you have created cluster packages so you can bind those VGs and LVs to the package then you may no need to worry,

if package goes down in one node it will take all the relevant mount points to the other node along with the package


package and serviceguard configuration is easier in WEB GUI you can access through HPSMH 


#/opt/hpsmh/bin/hpsmh autostart will start that you can go to https://<ipaddressof the node>:2381


go to tools you can find the Serviceguard cluster management suit there.


replay this I'll give you more details if you need


best regards,