Re: NFS problem with service gaurd cluster

Shiv Kumar_2
Occasional Contributor

NFS problem with service gaurd cluster

Here is a layout of our problem.

2 node service guard cluster

4 packages
3- oracle
1- nfs

1 of the oracle packages uses automounter to mount 2 different directories
from the nfs package.
If nfs fails the directories hang and we can not recover them without
rebooting the server.

We need to find out the following

1. Is this a supported configuration by HP?
2. If it is a supported configuration by HP, has this problem been seen and
if so what is the fix?
3. If it is not a supported configuration is there any suggestions on how to
fix it?

Melvyn Burnard_1
Regular Advisor

Re: NFS problem with service gaurd cluster

Due to the complex nature of these configurations, it is not easy to assist,
and should possibly be an issue where you obtain HP Consulting Assistance.

Having said that, a few things to check.
1: ensure that you have ServiceGuard patches installed.
2: Are you uising the NFS Toolkit for ServiceGuard? If so is that also patched?
3: How are you addressing the directories? throught the relocatable (floating)
IP Address of the NFS package?
4: Do you have the latest ARPA; LAN ; and NFS patches installed.