Re: Need help in service guard cluster

Ali Imran Abbas
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Need help in service guard cluster

We had some issue with the service guard cluster and the cluster was not able to start due to some oracle parameters change.

I halted cluster and then changed the volume groups mode and then mounted the file system.

Here are the steps that I performed:

cmhaltcl  (to stop cluster)

vgchange -c y vgname
vgvhange -a y vgname
and then mounted the file systems manually. The Oracle DBA then brought up the DB and undid the change.

After that, the DBA brought the DB down, then I unmounted all file systems, deactivated the volume groups and then tried to bring up the cluster.

vgchange -a n

But the package failed to start. The error that I got was:

Activating volume group with exclusive option.

Activation mode requested for the volume group conflicts with the configured mode.

Can any one help here.

I think I have to change the volume group activation mode here as:

vgchange -c y vgname 

Please confirm


Re: Need help in service guard cluster

Yes, You are right.

To activate VG in exclusive mode, it should be cluster aware.

Please use below command and check if the VG can be activated exclusively:

# vgchange -c y vgname
# vgchange -a e vgname

If successful, deactivate it before starting the package:
# vgchange -a n vgname

Then, start the package.

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