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Package fail to fail over to DR Site with CLX

Frequent Advisor

Package fail to fail over to DR Site with CLX


Redhat 4.U5 AS 64
Service Guard A11.18.04
HP Prolient DL380 G5
PSP Installed V8
Latest Qlogic Driver
Latest HBA firmware.
EVA 8000 Main site
EVA 8000 DR Site
CLX 1.02
Direct Fiber Connection

We have cluster consists of 8 nodes
4 nodes at main site
4 nodes at DR site
The fail over at main site run properly
when we try to fail over the packages to DR Site,
The CLX sucssefully switch the sourse and Destination at EVA Level

BUT the package fail to start
we have this error in /var/log/messages
Buffer I/O error on device sda, logical block 0
SCSI error : <0 0 0 3> return code = 0x20000

when we reboot the machine
we can fail over the package many times without any problem on both direction DR to Main and Vis Versa