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Packages dependent on another package?

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Packages dependent on another package?

I have two packages, that can run on either node of a 2 node system. One is a sybase package, the other is a set of daemons that, among other things, use sybase.

The idea is that we want the packages to be able to be split on either node, or on just one. However, the sybase packages needs to be up before it starts the daemon package. Is there a mechanism in serviceguard that can accomplish this, or will it require a custom service or customer_defined_run_cmds function? Or will the overall structure need to be thought out again?

Thanks for you help,
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Packages dependent on another package?

Shalom Evan,

You might be able to do it with customer_defined_run_cmds

I'd make a little chart and see what the dependencies are. Then you can come up with a logical structure.

Hopefully helpful,

Steven E Protter
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melvyn burnard
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Re: Packages dependent on another package?

Currently there are no built in packlage dependencies with Serviceguard.
To perform yopur dependencies, you would need to have some form of checking script called from customer_defined_run_cmds that woul dcheck for the existence of the other ackage, and loop while waiting for it to become available, and exit the loop once it was up and running, allowing teh 2nd package to start
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