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Quorum Disk

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Quorum Disk

I have two node cluster, OS version is 11.31 and SG version is 11.19. For Quorum disk I am getting different disk numbers(agile) in  two nodes. How i can make it same number on both nodes.

Kindly help in this regard.


Re: Quorum Disk

There's no such thing as a "quorum disk" in Serviceguard, that's a MSCS term. There are of course "cluster lock disks" and "cluster lock LUNs". However neither of these need to have the same disk number on different nodes in the cluster - you specify them per node in the cluster configuration file.


That said, if you are really determined to change the device numbering, you should look at the ioinit(1m) command. Although personally I always find it a lot of mucking about for very little gain - sysadmins should never "assume" that certain disk numbers on host A are the same disk numbers on host B (they certainly aren't always the same on Linux, Windows, Solaris etc.)

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