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Rebooting Secondary Server question

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Rebooting Secondary Server question

I am running a 2 node service guard cluster (version on HPUX 11vi3, I want to know if there is any complications or problems with patching and rebooting the secondary server?


We are just installing the QPKbase and QPKapps updates at this time.


This was built by a vendor and I have never rebooted the secondary node and want to make for sure it want affect my primary node in any way.


Thanks for all help as always.


Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Rebooting Secondary Server question

If everything was designed correctly and is working correctly then rebooting your secondary node in the cluster should NOT affect the primary node.



Re: Rebooting Secondary Server question

Make sure that the Quorum server is working fine and the secondary node has no packages running. 

It should work fine.