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Regarding start up order of package

Minoru Asano
Frequent Advisor

Regarding start up order of package


If the Serviceguard for Linux has several autostart package, does those package will work
parallel or sequential when we start cluster by using "cmruncl" command ?

Thank you for advice.
Best Regards.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Regarding start up order of package

Shalom, Minoru,

If you have several packages that depend on each other, they need to be combined into one package so you can control the run order.

For example if you have mysql and apache, which both need to open a volume group you must have one package that starts both after activating the volume group.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Minoru Asano
Frequent Advisor

Re: Regarding start up order of package

Hello Steven-san,
Thank you for quick reply and suggestion.

According to "cmviewcl -v" command, there are 9 package in the cluster.
They are MySQL service.

Can I ask some question again ?

- If the cluster have 9 package, where does they set any configuration file ?
- If the 9 package was described in a config file, should they work in described order, or
work in parallel?

The customer would like to know the basic mechanism how to work several package
when he run cmruncl .

Thank you for support and advice.
Best Regards.
Stephen Doud
Honored Contributor

Re: Regarding start up order of package

Serviceguard (both linux and hp-ux) start all of the packages in parallel unless you set AUTO_RUN to NO in any of the package configuration files and apply that modification using cmapplyconf. In that case, the package will not start at cluster formation time. You can use this to control the order of package startup. If you want certain packages to start before others, use the package control script: "customer_defined_run_cmds" section to start other packages.
Note that HP does not support this technique, but it is the easiest way to control package startup order.