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Rolling upgrade

Jeff Neely
Occasional Contributor

Rolling upgrade

I currently am running serviceguard 11.15.02 on RHEL 3 update 7. I want to update to 11.18 on RHEL 4 update 5. Are there any problems with trying to do this as a rolling upgrade?
Serviceguard for Linux
Honored Contributor

Re: Rolling upgrade

You can do this as a rolling upgrade but there are a number of steps (and it is a little tedious:

11.15.02 RH3 U7 - this is the starting point

11.16 RH3 U7 - Upgrade all of the nodes in the cluster to 11.16. I think you want to make sure this is 11.16.02 or higher.

Once the cluster is at this state then do a rollup upgrade of all of the nodes to RH4 U5. At that point all nodes should have 11.16 RH4 U5

Then you can upgrade all of the nodes to 11.18 and be where you requested - 11.18 RH4 U5

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Re: Rolling upgrade

i would also recommend reading the release notes for RHEL 4 Update 5 at for the SG specific information.

I have heard(not a practical expereince to myself) of update 4 having issue with rgmanager(Red Hat Resource Group Manager provides high availability of critical server applications in the event of planned or unplanned system downtime)