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SG EDC with mirror/UX Questions

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SG EDC with mirror/UX Questions



we are going to migrate several 11.11(SG11.16) and 11.23(SG11.18) clusters to a Extended distance configuration. There is quite a lot of info on requisites and arquitecture of the EDC cluster, but not a lot of info on the actual lvm mirror-ux disk recommended configuration.


Is there any doc similar to this one for lvm/mirror-ux: HP Serviceguard Extended Distance Cluster(EDC) with VxVM/CVM mirroring on HP-UX.


I imagine you would configure PVGs for each site, and use PVG-strict allocation policy and also Mirror Write Cache,Mirror Consistency Recovery enabled.


With this kind of config in AIX you can tell the OS to only read from the local site pvg disks(no read from both disks of the mirror like you would normally do), is there a way to configure this with mirror-ux?.


Any other considerations to take in account with this config?. Thanks

Windows?, no thanks