Re: SG with Ingres DBMS & Ingresnet

Jerome Bellet

SG with Ingres DBMS & Ingresnet


We plan to design the following packages:
- one for Ingres DBMS (Ingres server)
- one with an application that communicates with the first package via Ingresnet (Ingres client)

Unfortunately, Ingres DBMS includes Ingresnet; so package switching seems very sensitive.

Ingres support doesn't seem to have any clue for writing SG package scripts for such a configuration.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated (and points would be awarded ;-)

TIA, Jerome
Stephen Doud
Honored Contributor

Re: SG with Ingres DBMS & Ingresnet

Hello Jerome,

HP consultants have implemented Ingres in a package.
If you cannot find a solution here (it would be rather lengthy), give you local HP TC a call.

Jerome Bellet

Re: SG with Ingres DBMS & Ingresnet

Hi Stephen!

Thanks for your answer.
My question is quite old but our problem is not solved yet.
Our local HP representative could not get a solution such as the one you've written about and neither could Computer Associates.

Could you please send me the long-awaited start/stop example scripts?

TIA, Jerome