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SGLX forced failover command

Ho Cheol Lee
Occasional Visitor

SGLX forced failover command

I'm looking for a RedHat Linux Serviceguard command to do a forced failover from a node to the other node.

Is it exists? If so, please let me know what command does this behavior.
John Bigg
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SGLX forced failover command

I think you need to explain in more detail what you mean. Do you want to simulate a node failure? Do you just want to move an individual package?

Can you not just cmhaltpkg and cmrunpkg to move packages from one node to another.

Depending on the SG release and package configuration you could simulate a subnet failure using cmmodnet -d to fail lans which would result in packages failing over to another node if they monitored the subnet you failed.

There is no generic SG command to force a failover.
Stephen Doud
Honored Contributor

Re: SGLX forced failover command

The closest I can think of is 'cmhaltnode -f'
This has the effect of forcing all packages that have AUTO_RUN and Node_switching enabled on adoptive nodes, to fail over to those nodes. However, the side effect is that the node shuts down Serviceguard.

As John said, more specific about your need would be helpful.