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Samba in MCSG

Sanjiv Sharma_1
Honored Contributor

Samba in MCSG

Hi All,

I have a two node cluster (rp8400 - ptds and L3000 - sfds). I have two package running on ptds(ptds and ipmo) and one on sfds(sfds).

I want to configured Samba on ptds and sfds with the Samba server name as the package name so that the user can connect to the share folder even if one node is down.

Now as I have two package running on ptds how can I give two name to the Samba server running on ptds or Is there any way by which the users can connect to the shares with the package name?

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Byron Myers
Trusted Contributor

Re: Samba in MCSG

Raje, Look at the "interfaces =" parameter under the "[global]" section of smb.conf. I have Samba running via SG - my interfaces line contains the IP address of the relocatable SG IP address. Don't forget to put in the subnet mask too. Example "interfaces =" I believe you can list multiple IP addresses in the interfaces line - this will allow users to connect to a particular host AND the relocatable SG IP address.
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Christian Schulze
Regular Advisor

Re: Samba in MCSG

just go straight the way as described in the samba docs under /opt/samba/HA and /opt/samba/docs.

If you want your Samba-package to be part of a WIN-Domain to do Authentication of Sambausers (option security=domain)
be sure to use the latest CIFS/9000 Package (A.01.09.01)

Older Packages wont allow you to join a domain using the Packagename !

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