Service Guard new VGs on new storage

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Service Guard new VGs on new storage

Hi there ITRCers!

The scenario: two packages, a Service Guard Cluster, need to migrate the data to a new storage!

The plan?

1) Present LUNs to both nodes
2) ioscan -fnC disk on both nodes and insf -e
3) pvcreate -f /dev/rdsk/cXtXdX (do NOT run pvcreate on alternative links)

Perform the next two commands on both nodes
# mkdir /dev/vg_NEW-NAME-ON-NEWSTORAGE
# mknod /dev/vg_NEW/group c 64 0xNN0000 (where NN=unique minor number)

On the first node only:
# vgcreate /dev/vg_NEW
# lvcreate /dev/vg_NEW/lvolN
(repeat as necessary)
# vgexport -pvs -m /etc/lvmconf/ /dev/vg_NEW
# rcp /etc/lvmconf/ OTHERNODE:/etc/lvmconf/

On the other node:
# vgimport -vs -m /etc/lvmconf/ /dev/vg_NEW (this populates /etc/lvmtab on the 2nd node)

On the first node:
Edit the cluster configuration ASCII file:

- update the FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_VG with vg_NEW

Right now I do have

FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_VG           /dev/vgdp

what VG should I put in there?

In the ASCII file, each node section, update FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_PV with one of the disks in the VG

Right now I have

  FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_PV /dev/dsk/c11t0d2

What should I put in there?

Remove the old VG VOLUME_GROUP reference

Mount the new VG/lvols

Halt the package which is reliant on the OLD VG

<-- what should be the right way to halt the packacke?

Activate the old VG: vgchange -c y vg_OLD

Mount the related file systems.


Migrate the data from the old VG to the new VG logical volumes. (Use CPIO or cp?)

Edit the package control script, updating these references:


Lastly, our nodes are currently attached to the CURRENT storage via Direct Attach, the CURRENT storage is ALSO on our SAN, if we connect our nodes to the SAN and zone accordingly, the EXISTING storage devices would change or remain the same?