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Service guard error conf

Occasional Contributor

Service guard error conf

This is the error message when i start the 


cmcheckconf -C cmclconfig.ascii


[root@nodo1 conf]# cmcheckconf -C cmclconfig.ascii 
Unable to connect to quorum server from node nodo1.
Make sure all quorum server IP addresses are reachable from all nodes.
Unable to probe cluster configuration.
Check the syslog file and quorum server log file for more information.
cmcheckconf: Unable to reconcile configuration file cmclconfig.ascii
 with discovered configuration information.


any suggestion?

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Service guard error conf

It says it cannot connect to your quorum server.  You need to check and make sure you can get to the server at  Try via 'ping' first.  If that works, then you may need to check the quorum server itself and make sure the appropriate quorum server processes / software is running.


If you cannot ping the server, then you may need to check and make sure your quorum server is up and on the network. You may also need to check and make sure that the server you are running the 'cmcheckconf' on is on the network and functioning correctly.

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Re: Service guard error conf

As it says, the cluster cannot contact the quorum server you've specified in the configuration file.


Login to the quorum server and make sure it has the quorum server processes (qsc) running.

Use this command on the quorum server to verify that the quorum server responds to connections locally:

telnet localhost 1238

 If it says "Connection established", the quorum server is listening for network connections; use the telnet escape character to get to the telnet> prompt and type "close" to exit the connection.

If it says "Connection refused" or hangs and then says "Connection timed out", there is a problem in the quorum server: fix it first.


Then return to your nodo1 server, and run this command:

telnet 1238

 It should say "Connection established": if it does not, something is blocking the network connection from nodo1 to the TCP port 1238 on the quorum server.