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ServiceGuard Cluster Won't start

Occasional Visitor

ServiceGuard Cluster Won't start

After a reboot I cannot get the service guard cluster to start

May 12 00:20:46 - Node "sapqatc1": Starting NFS daemons.
portmap had been running on this node.
rpc.statd had been running on this node.
rpc.rquotad had been running on this node.
rpc.mountd had been running on this node.
nfsd had been running on this node.
May 12 00:20:46 - Node "sapqatc1": Starting rmtab synchronization process
May 12 00:20:46 - Node "sapqatc1": Starting nfs service sapnfs.monitor using
cmrunserv : Unable to complete command : File exists
ERROR: Function start_nfs_services
ERROR: Failed to start NFS services sapnfs.monitor
May 12 00:20:46 - Node "sapqatc1": Halting NFS service sapnfs.monitor
May 12 00:20:47 - Node "sapqatc1": Stoping rmtab synchronization process

Any idea's?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: ServiceGuard Cluster Won't start


Looks like NFS/rpc issues.

Version of OS. Distribution. Version of serviceguard.

Diagnose and correct NFS/portmap issues and serviceguard may start.

Are you trying to create an NFS cluster?

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