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ServiceGuard Package Addition


we are planing to add package "xyz_pkg" in current 2xnode cluster active/passive which currently run with one package "abc_pkg".

O/S: HP-UX 11.31 IA-64

HP SG: A.20

I have few discussion points and realted queries-

. As per my understanding vgs related to package "abc_pkg" should be mentioned in cluster configuration but i can see only vglock (lock disk) in cluster conf and "abc_pkg" switchover/switchback just run fine.

        - what could be possible negetive impact or is it just fine not to mention package vgs in cluster conf

. do we need to halt the cluster to run cmcheckconf and cmapplyconf for "xyz_pkg" (new package addition)






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Re: ServiceGuard Package Addition

when it was itrc the response was almost real time from peer professionals what happend now?



Patrick Wallek
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Re: ServiceGuard Package Addition

There are definitely not as many people participating since the conversion from the old ITRC Forums to what we have now.


To answer your package question -- No you do not to shut down Service Guard in order to add a package.  That can be done while SG is up and running.

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Re: ServiceGuard Package Addition

Please note that any ASCII cluster and package configuration files may be out of date: when you use the cmapplyconf command to apply any cluster or package configuration changes, the changes get updated to the binary configuration file of Serviceguard (/etc/cmcluster/cmclconfig) using an appropriate scheme to ensure that all cluster nodes get the configuration changes in a synchronized manner.

For example, when you create a cluster, you create a cluster configuration file with no package VGs listed (since at the point of cluster creation, there are no packages yet). When you apply a package configuration for abc_pkg, the cluster LVM volume group is updated in binary /etc/cmcluster/cmclconfig, but not in the ASCII cluster configuration file.

When planning for Serviceguard configuration changes, always use the cmgetconf command to get up-to-date versions of the ASCII configuration files first.

For example, I would expect that if you now run "cmgetconf -v /tmp/" in your cluster, the resulting /tmp/ file will include the package VG information for your abc_pkg.