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ServiceGuard cluster configuration

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ServiceGuard cluster configuration

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Hi all,


I have the integrity server, HP-UX 11-31. I know, there is a cluster configured, consist of two nodes. But the system administrator is absent now, and I must show its configuration. I examined all of conf files, which I can find, but I didn't see any useful information. The command cmgetconf writes:

cmgetconf: Unable to get local cluster configuration information: Permission denied.
User doesn't have access to get the cluster configuration,

although I work under root account.


Thank you in advance,




P.S. This thread has been moved from HP-UX > System Administration to Serviceguard. - Hp forum Moderator

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Re: ServiceGuard cluster configuration

root user has permission to run all Serviceguard commands including cmgetconf and cmviewcl. 

If you get 'permission denied' when attempting to run Serviceguard commands as root,  it's possible that the hostname resolution requirements listed in the Managing Serviceguard manual are not being met.


cmviewcl -v   = displays current cluster status

cmgetconf = displays cluster configuration

cmgetconf -p <pkg_name> displays a particular package configuration