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Re: Serviceguard different subnet issue

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Serviceguard different subnet issue

Hi ,

We have 2 node cluster running on 10.1.4.xx N/W , can we have packages to run in altogether different IP range , 

Say 1 node wil be having one network with 10.1.3.xx & the other with network 10.1.2.xx .


Is it possible to create package with these diff IP ranges , which must be virtual ?

What are the things that needs to be checked in here , both from OS & N/W end .

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Re: Serviceguard different subnet issue



As per my knowledge you can setup service guard as long you have all nodes IPs in same subnets .


For setting up packages with different IP subnet than node can also be done.


Since you are going to use one single NIC with two IPs ( 1 permanent and 1 Package IP in diffenet subnet) you network switch port should configured as "Trunk Port" so it can allow multiple VLAN.


Also in OS level additional route need to be added to support to second IP address .


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