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Serviceguard manager is not openning

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Serviceguard manager is not openning


I am struggling with the installation of the HP serviceguard for one month now , now i cannot open the serviceguard manager from the HP system management homepage , after clicking the sericeguard manager it doesn't give anything at all.

I have checked the status of my services and i found the below.

hpsmhd (pid 9948 9937 9441 9440 9439 9438 9437 9407) is running...
/etc/init.d/hpsmhtomcat: line 5: /etc/rc.status: No such file or directory
Usage: {start|stop|restart}

I restrated the services and nothing changed

so there may be a problem in the tomcat service but i don't know if that is the reason or not.

Note : I am installing the HP servcieguard 11.19 on RHEL 5.2 , i used the configuration script provided with package

If anyone need any more information in order to be able to troubleshoot the issue with me , i have no problem

Best regards
Wael ElMasry
Stephen Doud
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Re: Serviceguard manager is not openning

Successful implementation of SGmgr with SMH (System Management Homepage) is highly dependent on matching compatible versions of SMH, Apache/Tomcat with the version of SGMgr installed.

Check page 5, column titled "SG Mgr Plug-in Version" in the
"Serviceguard/SGeRAC/SMS/Serviceguard Manager Plug-in Compatibility and Feature Matrix, December 2009" at

See also "Pre-Installation Checklist for Serviceguard Manager" on page 46-47 of the SG/LX A.11.19 Release Notes:

Finally, if you have SMH version 3.x and SGMgr plug-in B.01.01 installed, consider this fix:
#mkdir /opt/hp/hpsmh/conf/smhrun
#cp /opt/hp/hpsmh/conf.common/smhrun/sgmgr.conf /opt/hp/hpsmh/conf/smhrun/
Then restart SMH:
# /etc/init.d/hpsmhd restart
Serviceguard for Linux
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Re: Serviceguard manager is not openning

You did not indicate which version of SGLX you are using but there are scripts for installation and associated white papers. for 11.18 and (11.19) are the appropriate links. These also go through a "quick" version of the SGMGR installation and that may help.
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Re: Serviceguard manager is not openning

Do you have an idea where to install the new version of the hpsmh-tomcat