Re: Sharing devices

Gary Coffin_2
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Sharing devices

I'm looking for a solution to a seemingly simple problem. I want to be able
to share disks and/or tape drives between two HP9000 systems. I currently use
an MS ServiceGuard configuration that allows exclusive access to one machine at
a time. I would like to have both machines be able to read from the same set
of disks at the same time. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Melvyn Burnard_1
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Re: Sharing devices

Well it depends on WHY you want to share the discs. Is it for an Oracle
If so then consider MC/ServiceGuard OPS Edition.
If not, then I would not recommend activating a VG on two systes at the same
time, and in fact MC/SG specifically prevents this.
As for the tapes, take a look at the Advanced Tape Services that now come with
Allows for sharing specific tape devices between two nodes, using FC/SCSI/MUX