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Standby IP address

fiorenzo monteleone
Occasional Advisor

Standby IP address

How can I do the redundant PCI ethernet without Serviceguard for Linux?
There is a software free?
I have two ethernet and I want configure the first primary and the second standby but I don't have Servicegaurd.
How can I do?
Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: Standby IP address

If you've got two like network cards in the one machine, and want them to fail-over upon failure, then try using the bonding driver's to make it appear as one virtual network card.

This has two major advantages:

1) It will use both network cards for traffic, so you get better throughput.

2) If one of them fails, it will continue using the working card until the fault can be resolved.
One long-haired git at your service...
Devesh Pant_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Standby IP address

Link aggregation using bonding is the way to go
Two linux machines connected via crossover cables can take advantage of link aggregation. A single machine connected with two physical cables to a switch which supports port trunking can use link aggregation to the switch. Any conventional switch will become ineffably confused by a hardware address appearing on multiple ports simultaneously.

Below is an example:
[root@server root]# modprobe bonding
[root@server root]# ip addr add brd + dev bond0
[root@server root]# ip link set dev bond0 up
[root@server root]# ifenslave bond0 eth2 eth3
master has no hw address assigned; getting one from slave!
The interface eth2 is up, shutting it down it to enslave it.
The interface eth3 is up, shutting it down it to enslave it.
[root@server root]# ifenslave bond0 eth2 eth3
[root@server root]# cat /proc/net/bond0/info
Bonding Mode: load balancing (round-robin)
MII Status: up
MII Polling Interval (ms): 0
Up Delay (ms): 0
Down Delay (ms): 0

Slave Interface: eth2
MII Status: up
Link Failure Count: 0

Slave Interface: eth3
MII Status: up
Link Failure Count: 0