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Subnet mask change in 11.20 2 node cluster

Occasional Contributor

Subnet mask change in 11.20 2 node cluster

Hi ,


We have a 2 node 11.20 ServiceGuard Cluster


I am about to change only the subnet mask of one of the configured network .


(The subnet will remain the same only the mask changes.)


I am not sure whether I need to halt the cluster in 11.20 . If halt is needed then do I need to reapply the Cluster configuration . Because no where in the cluster and package configurtion I can see that subnet mask has been mentioned.




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Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Subnet mask change in 11.20 2 node cluster

I would recommend shutting down the cluster.  Changing the subnet mask will require networking to be stopped and restarted, which would affect your cluster.


In a test cluster I have, the package control script does mention the subnet mask.  In our definition:





Stephen Doud
Honored Contributor

Re: Subnet mask change in 11.20 2 node cluster

Serviceguard A.11.20 knows the netmask of the NICs identified in the cluster binary file.


# cmviewcl -v -f line | grep netmask


In order for Serviceguard to update the cluster binary file with the new netmask, you must comment the _IP reference from the cluster ASCII configuration file, cmapplyconf the update (online ok), then re-add the IP.  Note that Serviceguard will reject this if the indicated IP is the sole Heartbeat_IP.   


Also note that /etc/rc.config.d/netconf must be updated and actions of the NIC should be quiesced during the transistion.