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Two node cluster

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Two node cluster

Dear team,
I need to mount mc/sg two node cluster with orale10g in hp 9000 servers.
i am downloaded docs from itrc site.but i need to confirm any one already done this activity kindly give particular commands and logs files or particular command docs it's very help full ...


Re: Two node cluster

What cluster you are going to implement?

Is that High availability ? or RAC?

everything is available here.

If you search in this forum, you have so many examples which will describe how to implement a cluster/package/vg everything.

Please post specific questions to get specific answers.

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Re: Two node cluster

When disks, LVM, etc. are configured, do (VERY, VERY SHORT VERSION, JUST TO GIVE A SIMPLE EXAMPLE!!!!!!! This is using SG 11.18+, modular packages)

Both nodes in /etc/cmcluster/cmclnodelist:
node1 root
node2 root

cmquerycl -v -q -h ipv4 -C /etc/cmcluster/.conf -n node1-n node2

cmcheckconf -k -v -C /etc/cmcluster/.conf

cmapplyconf -k -v -C /etc/cmcluster/.conf

cmmakepkg -m sg/all /etc/cmcluster/.conf

...edit /etc/cmcluster/.conf

cmcheckconf -v -P /etc/cmcluster/.conf

cmapplyconf -P /etc/cmcluster/.conf


Re: Two node cluster

It is all documented in the Managing Serviceguard manual for the version of Serviceguard you are going to use.
Attending the Serviceguard course would also be of great assistance to you
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