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Upgrade ServiceGuard license after adding new CPU

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Upgrade ServiceGuard license after adding new CPU

Hello Experts, 

I am in situation where I have to add new processor in DL server running Serviceguard cluster and I have to add license after adding new processor. 

I am looking for help to understand the procedure to upgrade license key. Action which I am going to follow is :

Ensure that $SGCONF/AutoPass/LicFile.txt exists.
Take the backup of existing file 
Obtain new license key , keep into new file /tmp/newSGlicense
Use cmsetlicense –i to upgrade license.
Ensure correct license updated using cmgetlicense -f line 

Any one please confirm if it’s the correct procedure or another procedure I have to follow for upgrade?


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Re: Upgrade ServiceGuard license after adding new CPU

yes have to use cmsetlicense –i /tmp/newSGlicense

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you back up the $SGCONF/AutoPass/LicFile.txt
before renewing the license.


a. Copy the license file:
cp $SGCONF/AutoPass/LicFile.txt $SGCONF/AutoPass/LicFile.txt.sav

b. Run the cmsetlicense command:
cmsetlicense -i /tmp/newSGlicense
The mySGlicense file contains the license information.

c. Run the cmgetlicense command:
cmgetlicense -f line

d. If the license is valid, keep the new license file $SGCONF/AutoPass/LicFile.txt and delete the old
license file $SGCONF/AutoPass/LicFile.txt.sav.

If the license is invalid, restore the original license:
mv $SGCONF/AutoPass/LicFile.txt.sav $SGCONF/AutoPass/LicFile.txt