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VGchange conflicts with configured mode.

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VGchange conflicts with configured mode.


I just replaced a disk from our HPDS2120 and i did the following:

ioscan -fnC disk --> showed the disk as CLAIMED
diskinfo /dev/rdsk/"devicefile" --> showed info about the disk
vgcfgrestore -n vg01 /dev/rdsk/"devicefile" -->Successful
vgchange -a y vg01 -->vgchange: Activation mode requested for the volume group "/dev/vg01" conflicts with configured mode.

I found this topic:

but is not very clear and since he didnt give any points i cant tell which on is right..

This is a vg which is shared between 2 nodes in a SG cluster and vgdisplay vg01 shows: VG Status available, exclusive

This is a production server so it cant go offline.. So i cant deactivate the VG. Also we are 24/7 so i wont have a day that i can deactivate it until july 4 and there is only 1 disk on the DS2120 so i really need to get it installed without deactivating the vg.. Is it possible..?

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Re: VGchange conflicts with configured mode.


instead of

vgchange -a y vg01


vgchange -a e vg01

because it is part of a cluster.
Run the command from the server who owns the disk.

Hope this helps!

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Re: VGchange conflicts with configured mode.

Thanks that was it...

For the records after the vgchange is executed it performs a sync on the disks..