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can I make production VG a lock VG?

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can I make production VG a lock VG?

Hello all,

I am configuring a new cluster and I have set up the lock VG /dev/vglock. However, I don't see that anywhere in our environment and after a closer look, it's always one of the production VGs that's also configured to serve as the lock VG. Now I want to know, what are the implications of setting up a production VG as a lock VG? The kind of production, where sudden outage is out of question. Is it safe, shouldn't there be a dedicated VG for that purpose?

thanks everyone for your oppinions!

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: can I make production VG a lock VG?

Yes, you can.  See page 47 of the "Managing Serviceguard Twentieth Edition" manual located here:


To quote the  manual:



In an LVM configuration, a disk used as a lock disk is not dedicated for use as the cluster lock; the
disk can be employed as part of a normal volume group with user data on it


Emil Velez_2
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Re: can I make production VG a lock VG?

of course you want the cluster lock volume group to hold data. the lock ares is just in the bad block area of the disk and is only used during arbitration. i will assume that the lun is from a disk array so the disk never fails and is always available. if you ever need to you could change the quorum mechanism while the cluster is up if you are at sg 1119 or above.
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