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clusted environment create new LV

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clusted environment create new LV


I have a MC/SG clusted with two nodes. Both are sharing a VA7400. What is the correct procedure if I want to create a new LV in a volume group that is part of clusteed package so that when the failover occurred the new LV will be mounted on the second node.
Michael Tully
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Re: clusted environment create new LV

There are quite a number of documents in the technical knowledge base. Attached is one that should help.

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Rajeev Shukla
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Re: clusted environment create new LV

Create the LV on the primary node and then sync the device file of that lv on the failover node. You can do that by doing mknod on the failover server with the same major and minor number.
Then edit the package script on the primary server and add the new lv for getting it mounted my package and copy these scripts to failover machine to sync them.
This should be sufficent in nut shell. Let me know if you need more details.

Karthik S S
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Re: clusted environment create new LV


1. Halt the package corresponding to that VG in which you are creating the new LV.
2. Activate the VG in exclusive mode on the pimary node.
vgchange -a e vgtest
3. Create the LV (and filesystem if needed) and backup the configuration using vgcfgbackup vgtest
4. Then create a map file for the VG using vgexport command with -p and -s switches
vgexport -p -v -s -m vgtest
rcp the map file to the secondary node
5. Deactivate the VG
6. On Secondary node remove the old VG configuration
vgexport vgtest
7. Then create the directory for the VG and create a group file with the same minor number as in the primary node.
8. Now import the VG and back up the configuration
vgimport -v -s -m /tmp/ /dev/dsk/cxtxdx ....
vgcfgbackup vgtest
Activate the VG in exclusive mode and do a vgdisplay to make sure it works
9. On primary node edit the package configuration file which uses the above VG and add new mount points ( add to the LV[x] FS [x] entries )
10. Distribute the package configuration file to the other node and reapply the configuration using cmapplyconf.
Note: you should not use the new LV for other packages, a VG can belong to only one package

Hope this helps,
Karthik S S
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Christopher McCray_1
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Re: clusted environment create new LV


The steps provided by techssk are good, but it should be noted that the package need not be down to perform the change.

The reason I say this is because the only change to the package is in the package.cntl file, where you are merely adding an lvol/filesystem. The control file doesn't care what was in place at startup and that everything is the same at shutdown. As long as the filesystem is present for unmount at package halt, you will receive no errors.

This way you will experience no downtime for your application.

Hope this helps

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