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cmmodpkg segmentation fault

Chris Cluster
Occasional Contributor

cmmodpkg segmentation fault

I have a two node cluster on DL585s, running RHEL 5 x86_64. I installed SGLX 11.18, and all was well except for the cmmodpkg -R -s pkgname command. All searches on ITRC pointed to a SGLX patch, so now I'm running SGLX 11.18.03.

But, I still have the error: segmentation fault anytime I run cmmodpkg -R -s pkgname.

We are doing a lot of tweaking so if a package fails three time I can not reset the restart counter.

Has anyone seen and fixed this segmentation fault?

Is there a way to reset it manually by editing a file?

Serviceguard for Linux
Honored Contributor

Re: cmmodpkg segmentation fault

Did you actually give teh command that way?

-R -s needs a service_name


cmmodpkg -R -s service_name pkgname