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create vlan for service guard

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create vlan for service guard



I want to create vlan for service guard 

like that:------


vlan name= lan0:801    ip =


i can try SAM and  i created but 

when i run oracle 11g setup it shown error message


i can also do

cmmodnet -a -i


but when i shutdown the service guard and re run the service guard 

its no longer.


how can do that 





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Stephen Doud
Honored Contributor

Re: create vlan for service guard

The "Managing Serviceguard A.11.20" manual,  (Published: September 2013)


states the following:


VLAN Configurations

Virtual LAN configuration using HP-UX VLAN software is supported in Serviceguard clusters.


Support for HP-UX VLAN
VLAN interfaces can be used as heartbeat as well as data networks in the cluster. The Network Manager monitors the health of VLAN interfaces configured in the cluster, and performs local and remote failover of VLAN interfaces when failure is detected. Failure of a VLAN interface is typically the result of the failure of the underlying physical NIC port or aggregated (APA) ports.


Page 80 describes configuration restrictions


Your description includes an IP:

vlan name= lan0:801    ip =


the :801 index indicates the IP has been added to the existing IP assigned to the NIC.

You also stated that you were able to add this IP using cmmodnet.

The cmmodnet command to add (and remove) IPs is only automated when Serviceguard packages are started and stopped.  Specifically, the IP that you wish to assign to a NIC must be identified in the package configuration file (modular package), or package control script (legacy-style package).  Then the automation scripts will handle adding the vlan IP during package startup, and removing it during package shutdown.


Honored Contributor

Re: create vlan for service guard

> cmmodnet -a -i


This command adds an IP Alias, not a VLAN.


If you want to add VLAN 801 in tagged mode to lan0, in HP-UX 11.31 you could do it like this:

nwmgr -a -S vlan -A vlanid=801,ppa=0,name=description_for_vlan_801
nwmgr -s -S vlan -A all --sa --fr cu

The first command will add VLAN 801 to lan0, the second will save the configuration so it won't be gone after rebooting the system.


 As a result, a new (virtual) network interface will appear. In HP-UX 11.31, the virtual network interfaces for VLANs are named lan5000 or above. If this is the first VLAN network interface in this system, it will be named lan5000. You can then assign an IP address for it in the normal way, and use it in Serviceguard configuration just like a regular LAN interface.