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Re: debugmode-- service guard cluster


debugmode-- service guard cluster

can you please tell what is DEBUGMODE cluster, and is the use for that?
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Re: debugmode-- service guard cluster

MCSG debug mode

cd /etc/cmcluster
touch debug
cd /etc/cmcluster/
touch debug

To undo what you have done, just delete the two debug files you just created.

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Re: debugmode-- service guard cluster

DEBUGMODE is a mechanism which generally allows you to start a package up, but not start the actual application in the package - so volume groups get activated, filesystems get mounted and IP addresses get added, but no processes are started. DEBUGMODE also usually stops package monitoring so processes can be started/stopped without causing a package failover.

However as DEBUGMODE is usually implmented in the package logic, what it does on any given package depends on how the logic for that package was created, or even whether such a mode even exists.

So for example, packages created using the Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit will have a DEBUGMODE which you can read about in the README for each package type, and here they are referred to as a MAINTENANCE_FILE. But as another example, the Serviceguard NFS Toolkit has no debug mode at all.



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Re: debugmode-- service guard cluster

I believe it`s more a package related thing..
so restart of package is required not the cluster ,I may see that this mode is more
applicable for the Oracle /SAP instances running in the cluster. ( can be seen in
the SAP manual i attached as a link)

There are couple of ways to achieve it,
one as mentioned by Steven Doud that do the
changes in start /stop scripts in the
package.cntrl script.

And other could be to stop the application monitors but that may impact the other packages too !!

Need to check if it documented in other
MCSG manuals as well, do read the below
licks ,would be helpful.


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Re: debugmode-- service guard cluster

As Duncan stated, debug mode activates the system resources that the package application will use, but does not start the application. The intent being to allow the admin to manually start the application to determine why it is not starting automatically.

See these documents: -> HP Serviceguard Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit -> Using the Oracle Toolkit in a HP Serviceguard Cluster README Revision: B.06.00, August 2010 -> page 11 (..//oracle.debug) -> HP Serviceguard Extension for SAP -> Managing Serviceguard Extension for SAP Version B.05.10v -> page 41 (/var/adm/cmcluster/debug_)

Re: debugmode-- service guard cluster

Thank you All now i understand the debugmode.
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Re: debugmode-- service guard cluster


set log level to 2 by cmsetlog 2 .This will brings the cluster in Debug Mode.
cmsetlog -r ---> to start cluster in default mode (Normal Mode )

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