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failed to run vgcfgrestore

anat heilper
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failed to run vgcfgrestore

I'm running sg 11.16 on linux rh4 itanium.
I have a package with one volume group.
After reboot ( and sometimes without reboot)
I get the following errors:
ERROR: Function get_md; Failed to RUN vgcfgrestore
sometines this error is also found in the log:
/dev/vg1/lv0 has been mounted 30 times without being checked, check forced.

after several attempts, the cmrunpkg succeeds.
Can someome tell me what's the problem is it a configuration problem of the LVM?
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Re: failed to run vgcfgrestore

Hi Anat

Forced fscks due to mount count or mount intervall (tune2fs(8)) may cause a sg timeout, thus cmrunpkg failing.

tune your sg filesystems with
$ tune2fs -c 0 -i -1 $mountpoint
to get rid of that forced fsck's.

2) seems your mc/sg needs patching:|search|patchDetail{SGLX_00122,{linux:redhat:4as-ia64,}}|&patchid=SGLX_00122&sel={linux:redhat:4as-ia64,}

When MD is being used and LVM2 is loaded onto the system the following error will appear in the package log files:

Jan 6 00:48:34 - Node "voltaire": Starting md /dev/md1 .
mdadm: /dev/md1 has been started with 2 drives.
ERROR: Function get_md; Failed to RUN vgcfgrestore
###### Node "voltaire": Package start failed at Fri Jan 6 00:48:34

Hope this helps