heartbeat route entry

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heartbeat route entry

hi ,


i have a heartbeat route entry given below ;        U         2  lan1       1500


My network guys want me to change this to /

My question is whether deletion of this roue and addition of new route panic my cluster ?

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Re: heartbeat route entry

This looks like an entry for a directly-connected subnet. In effect, they want you to change the netmask configured for lan1.

If lan1 is your only heartbeat network, your cluster will definitely begin failover actions if you attempt to do this online. If this is a two-node cluster, then the node that can get the cluster lock should remain up, but the other node will panic.


If you have heartbeats routed through another network interface too, the cluster might remain up, but you will get messages about your network configuration not matching what is in the cluster configuration.


The easiest way would be to halt the cluster, modify the netmasks, then modify all the cluster and package configurations to use the new netmasks. You may have to run "cmapplyconf" again for the cluster configuration and all the packages too.