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hostnmae changed

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hostnmae changed

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Hi Experts ,


Some user changed the hostnmae of our server  ,We have checked the history file and we are not able to trace the same

Any other options to find who did the same.Because of this cluster package went down.


there are no error message in syslog on when the cluster package went down ,


Does hostname change cause the cluster package Halt


Does this depend which parameter in cluster configuration file.



P.S. This thread has been moved from HP-UX>System Administration to HP-UX > Serviceguard. -HP Forum Moderator


Thanks & Regards
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Re: hostnmae changed

I can see where a change in the host name could adversely affect the cluster.


The only user that can reset / change the host name is 'root'.


For example:


$ hostname
$ hostname bp2
You must be superuser to set the hostname


If you have multiple system administrators with root access, then you may never know who precisely made the change.


Check the root command history file for any occurrences of the hostname command.



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Re: hostnmae changed

Patrick is correct. Someone has the root password but is not properly trained or lacks experience as a system administrator.  SInce it sounds like this system is important enough to have the expensive Service Guard software, it will need a much higher level of accountability for root user actions. The best way to do this is to remove direct root access for everyone and use sudo for all root commands. This will log all attempts to perform a  root level command as well as the incoming connection.


Note also that the errant root user may not have typed the hostname command but may have run sam or smh. Both of these tools have logs that can be searched. You should also check sulog for a possible connection.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: hostnmae changed

Hi Ajin,


Check your package log file. It exactly shows what caused the package to halt and when it halted.


Yes, host name changes cause the package to halt.


'cmclnodelist' file and 'node_name' values in package configuration files are the parameters which contains node names.