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hp serviceguard 11.20 - Network Lan reconfiguration

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hp serviceguard 11.20 - Network Lan reconfiguration



Good Day.


we have 3 x node Oracle RAC '11gr2' SGeRAC Cluster '11.19'.


we have 6 lan interfaces lan0..lan5 configured in serviceguard cluster in hot standby configuration.


lan0 is public lan

lan3 is serviceguard heartbeat

lan4 is oracle rac interconnect connect heartbeat

lan1, lan2 and lan5 are configured as standby lan interfaces.

lan6 is free.


customer need to configure port-aggregate (HP APA) on two lan interfaces (Host Standby) to provide network interface to outside applications.


for that purpose we need to deconfigure one of standby lan interfaces (lan1 or lan2 or lan5) from service guard cluster configuration to aggregate it with lan6 using HP APA.


if any one can share related doc's URLs and / or anyone would like to share his / her related experience. we really appereicate that.








Stephen Doud
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Re: hp serviceguard 11.20 - Network Lan reconfiguration

When you add a NIC to an Aggregated LAN, it will not show up during a cmquerycl, which is used to build a cluster configuration ASCII file (CCAF).


Therefore, edit the CCAF and remove the NETWORK_INTERFACE reference to the standby NICs that you will be moving to the APA, and cmapplyconf the file.  This will remove these NIC from Serviceguard's control.  Then add the NICs to your APA assignments.