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mysql package HP-UX11.31 SG A.19.00

Dee Jacobs

mysql package HP-UX11.31 SG A.19.00

In the notes (quoted below) for setting up the mysql package (in the README file) the link in paragraph 2. below does not exist. In paragraph 3. ,the file does not exist. Can anyone tell me where to find them?
These files exist on my disk:
Are they of any use?

The following example shows a configuration of MySQL for a filesystem
named "/MySQL_1" on /dev/vg01.

1. Assuming that LVM has been set up on the shared storage, create a
filesystem (e.g., /MySQL_1) on the LV and mount point (e.g.,
/MySQL_1) on each of the nodes to mount the filesystem. If you
need help creating the VG and filesystem, please refer to the
chapter entitled "Building an HA Cluster" in the manual "Managing
Serviceguard" for explicit instructions.

2. Following the instructions in the documentation for MySQL, create
the database on the lvol in /MySQL_1. This information may be
viewed online at the following link:

3. Copy the configuration file "/etc/my.cnf" to "/MySQL_1/my.cnf".

4. Modify "/MySQL_1/my.cnf" to configure the DB for your unique
Dee Jacobs

Re: mysql package HP-UX11.31 SG A.19.00

No response.