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not able to detect standby lan

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not able to detect standby lan

I am trying to configure a linux cluster .
When I create a configuraion file using cmquerycl , it says there are not standby interfaces for eth1 , eth2 etc.
but the same cluster when booted on HP-ux shows standby interfaces properly.

how to detect standby interfaces on linux .
Steven E. Protter
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Re: not able to detect standby lan


On linux, use mii-tool or ethtool to check link status.

Normally if the nic cards are detected you will see a link ok on even an unconfigured lan card.

At that point you should be able to use it with cmquerycl.

Note that just because the nic works with HP-UX does not mean there is a linux driver for it and you may need to go through a driver install process prior to being able to configure it for serviceguard.

Steven E Protter
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melvyn burnard
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Re: not able to detect standby lan

I have answered this before in the forums, but to re-iterate:

The "standby " LAN feature for Serviecguard on Linux works differently to HP-UX.
You need to use th eLinux Network bonding mechanism to set up a bond using two NIC's, and thne use this bond (i.e. bond0) as a single interface in Serviceguard, and then Linux will monitor the LAN's (eth0 and eth1 for example ) and switch between them
All documented in the Serviceguard manuals for Linux at:
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