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one node SG Linux cluster

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one node SG Linux cluster


I have a basic question on SG installation on Red-Hat platform, i am not a SG specialist.

Is it possible to install a SG cluster with only one node, create a package with a database Oracle ?

And later, add a second node, because this second node is not already available.

May be another method is to create SG cluster of 2 nodes with a temporary second node,

and later, remove this temporary second node, then add the purchased second node.

Any ideas on theses 2 methods


melvyn burnard
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Re: one node SG Linux cluster

you certainly can create a one node cluster, many people do fo rtesting, learning etc.
And yes, you can then add the second or additional nodes as and when you need to, making sure you document all steps done on the first node to ensure you keep things identical as much as possible.
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Re: one node SG Linux cluster

Thank you for the response