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service guard

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roland hajj
Occasional Contributor

service guard

i want to know if the configuration of the mc serviceguard on unix is the same as the one for linux, and if it's the same software!
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: service guard


It is almost the same, there is a logical volume manager included.
I installed several times MC/serviceguard on HPUX and once on redhat.
If I could do it, you certainly can.

You find more info about Serviceguard on linux on

Good luck
Serviceguard for Linux
Honored Contributor

Re: service guard

They have the same source base with changes in the code to handle some of the differences between the OSs.

There are differences in what is supported. These differences are generally due to the differences in the OSs or for business reasons. Examples of this include the differences in teh Logical Volume Managers in the two operating systems and the fact there is no Continental Cluster on Linux yet.

Any training and learning can be highly levereaged. For instance, the script structures are nearly identical.