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Re: shutdown mc service guard

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shutdown mc service guard

Hi !

Deu to power change we shutdown whole superdome (vpars)envoriment .. We have 2node
Cluster .
1. what is good way to shutdown mc service guard. because I shutdown both node
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Re: shutdown mc service guard

If you want to completely shutdown Serviceguard in the entire cluster, you can use "cmhaltcl".

It is equivalent to running "cmhaltpkg" on all running packages, then running "cmhaltnode" on all nodes.

Also check /etc/rc.config.d/cmcluster: it contains a variable that determines whether the system will attempt to rejoin the cluster when the system is booted up.

If you don't want the cluster to start up automatically (e.g. if you want to start up the nodes one at a time and run some manual checks first), edit the file to set the variable to 0. If you do this, remember to set it back to 1 when your power change is complete and you return the systems to the normal production state.

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Re: shutdown mc service guard

Dear Matti Kurkela !

thanks as I understand
1. cmhaltcl ( this command halt the pkg all nodes and haltd both node )
2.edit /etc/rc.config.d/cmcluster 1 to 0

3. shutdown -hy 0 ( both node)

1. boot the vpar (both node)
2. edit the file /etc/rc.config.d/cmcluster 0 -1
3. start the cluster cmruncl