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'vgchange -a e' functionality in linux vgchange

Timo J
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'vgchange -a e' functionality in linux vgchange

- 2-node MC/SG-cluster
- shared volume group

Is there any way to prevent that nodeY cannot activate shareable volume group if nodeX already has activated it?

In HP-UX, you can activate vg exclusively with 'vgchange -a e' (if vg is cluster aware). But looks like vgchange in linux does'n support neither '-a e' nor '-c y' options.
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Re: 'vgchange -a e' functionality in linux vgchange

No, not in RHEL3 at least.

HP-UX has the advantage here: this piece of cluster functionality is integrated into HP LVM. This is possible because the OS and the SG software comes from the same company.

HP ServiceGuard for Linux is a separate product. Adding extra functionality to Linux LVM when installing ServiceGuard for Linux would have required very invasive changes to the Linux LVM. HP chose not to implement an additional safeguard and to use the VG activation/deactivation as the actual fencing mechanism in Linux ServiceGuard.

Maybe future releases will change that. The SG/Linux developers at HP might know, but obviously they aren't talking.

Re: 'vgchange -a e' functionality in linux vgchange

This Functionality (Exclusive VG Activation) is available only with LVM2, which comes with 2.6 Versions of Kernel.

This is available only on RedHat 4, SLES 9 and SLES10.

This is available only if you install the patch SG A.11.16.07 Set of patches.

Hope this helps.
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