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Sharepoint Alert from List Managed by TRIM

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Sharepoint Alert from List Managed by TRIM

Has anyone seen an alert from Sharepoint, when the list is managed in TRIM, that contains a lot of funky XML?  Example below.  Any ideas of how to remove all the excess stuff?


Thanks!  -Erik




Human Resources

Test 2.doc has been changed


Modify my alert settings


View Test 2.doc


View TRIMTest


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Management Status:

;#<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<DataStoreItem xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
    <ListItemUrl />
  <DuplicateName />
  <OriginalName />
    <Name>Test 2</Name>
    <Name>Human Resources Site Record</Name>
    <VersionId />
    <Name>Human Resources - TRIMTest List Record</Name>
    <VersionId />
    <Name>KirkNet Site Parent Container</Name>
  <Version />
  <OtherInformation />


Checked Out To:



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Re: Sharepoint Alert from List Managed by TRIM

Hey Erik,


I picked up this post recently, although I know you posted it a good while back.


Anyway, I have looked into this for you, and have got a working solution to get rid of the Management Status XML from your alerts.


I figured other people will no doubt encounter this issue, so I've described the resolution in a blog post. Go here to get all the details: