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A Star-Studded Panel Will Discuss the Hyperconvergence Explosion


If you are deploying multiple remote or branch offices, supporting many test and development environments, looking to implement a VDI environment, spinning up and down multiple VM environments, or considering a private cloud infrastructure, hyperconvergence could be the solution for you.  Are you interested in achieving the speed, simplicity and savings of the public cloud – without creating new islands of technology?  Hyperconvergence takes what’s complex and makes it simple. No wonder we think of it as revolutionary. It features software-centric architecture wrapped around compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources in a single package. And it is revolutionizing the data center. 

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If you’re looking to drill down on this important emerging new technology infrastructure, have we got a star-studded event for you! Tuesday, 12 July, we will present “Accelerating Simplicity,” a one-off web event streamed live across the globe from the very center of Berlin’s start-up district.

This webcast, created in partnership with WIRED and Intel, will feature a panel of high-profile experts in hyperconverged systems, who will be offering their unique insights and knowledge in fast-growing areas impacting the future of the data center and the businesses that it supports. Speakers include:

  • Alec Ross, one of America’s leading experts on innovation, successful entrepreneur and former senior advisor for technology and innovation in Hillary Clinton’s State Department and during Barack Obama's presidential campaign. 
  • Kate Russell, technology reporter and regular contributor on the BBC, who will offer insights from her 20+ years of reporting on technology and the internet.
  • Nikolaus Roettger, WIRED Editor-in-Chief, who will inspire the audience with his vast experience surveying the rapid technological changes sweeping our industries and markets.
  • Vladimir Stantchev, managing director for the Institute of Information Systems, SRH Hochschule Berlin, and Dr. Gerrit Tamm, Professor of Computer Science at SRH Hochschule Berlin, along with other industry experts. They will discuss technology changes ahead that will reshape how we think about IT and how we influence the success of our organizations.
  • HPE’s Iain Stephen, VP and GM HP Servers EMEA, and Paul Durzan, Vice President, Product Management CDI WW, will share details about HPE hyperconverged systems – most notably the brand new Hyper Converged 380 and how this innovation will help organizations accelerate their business.

The 12 July Berlin-based webcast is designed to give deeper context to anyone interested in the power of hyperconverged appliances to accelerate business.

There is no charge to participate. The link to watch the live stream will be emailed to everyone who registers online. And if you happen to be in Berlin, we’re handing out limited tickets for the ”physical” event! Those will be assigned to customers who indicate they are willing and able to attend on the registration form.

You can learn more about HPE Hyperconverged Systems here. You can also request a demo here.

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