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A behind the scenes look into the projects of the HPE Hackathon



Hackathon.jpgOn May 24, HPE developers from around the world began participating in the HPE Hackathon. A hackathon is a coding contest where developers, programmers, and other creative experts come together to collaborate on a range of software development topics. In the HPE Hackathon, developers will focus on HPE OneSphere, HPE’s new hybrid-cloud management platform.

The HPE Hackathon has 19 different teams of up to 5 people each located all over the world. Each team is focusing on a unique aspect of the HPE OneSphere API for their project. Below is a sampling of the different types of projects the teams will be working on during the event:

Team: India Matrix Master
Location: Fort Collins, CO and India

This team of 5 is building a Terraform plugin for HPE OneSphere, allowing Terraform users to describe the desired state of its infrastructure in Terraform language and make sure this desired state is matched by running Terraform. The description could be a mix of OneSphere and other infrastructure providers already handled by Terraform.

Expected outcome: An open source Terraform plugin for HPE OneShere hosted on the HPE Developer Github

Team: Spectrum Spider
Location: US and Canada

This team of 5 is building an Ansible module for HPE OneSphere. Ansible is a very popular language for describing IT infrastructure. The ecosystem around Ansible (now owned by Red Hat) is huge, with hundreds of modules available to automate just about everything. This project would allow Ansible playbooks authors to include HPE OneSphere in their IT infrastructure automation.

Expected outcome: An open source Ansible module for HPE OneSphere hosted on the HPE Developer Github

Team: Last Bench Squad
Location: India

This team of 5 is using ServiceNow to control HPE OneSphere project and user management. The idea is to build an integration between ServiceNow and HPE OneSphere to allow a ServiceNow user to order a new development team environment in HPE OneSphere from a ServiceNow form following the governance rules already in place.  

Expected outcome: A importable ServiceNow project on the HPE Developer Github

Team: HPE OneSphere ChatBot
Location: Fort Collins, CO

This team of 3 is building a Hubot plugin which will allow users to chat in natural language (in Slack, for example) and get answers from HPE OneSphere.

Expected outcome: An open source Hubot plugin on the HPE Developer Github

Team: NoName
Location: Poland

This team of one is made up of a young data scientist who will be building a sample program to demonstrate how to use language R, a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics, to extract Insights from HPE OneSphere.

Expected outcome: A blog article with sample R code

Team: Alesha
Location: India and Japan

This team of 2 is building a plugin for HPE OneSphere to allow description of infrastructure using Cloud Formation (from AWS).

Expected outcome: An open source CloudFormation plugin for HPE OneSphere hosted on the HPE Developer Github

Team: Vizit
Location: United States

This team of one is building a rendering tool using D3 (a famous open source library) to display HPE OneSphere configurations.

Expected outcome: A demo program hosted on the HPE Developer Github

HPE Hackathon participants will create a 15 minute presentation about what they have accomplished, which will be presented to the judges on June 4. HPE Hackathon winners will be announced on June 5th.

Stay tuned for more insider access and the results of the HPE Hackathon!


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